There are many roofing ideas for tiny houses. Each design will provide different effect and purpose. For the tiny house, the type of roofing is essential to provide not only a better outside aesthetic but it will serve a purpose on which area the tiny house is located plus the weather conditions that must be considered.

The most commonly occurring roof shape and classic in areas of the world with cold or temperate climates is the gable roof. Gable roof consists of two roof sections, there is a slope in opposite directions and placed in the manner that the highest, horizontal edges run across to create the roof ridge. With use of rafters, roof trusses or purlins, the design of this type of roof can be achieved. It can vary greatly with the pitch of the roof and the height of the gutters.

The simple design of the roof timbers and the rectangular shape of the roof sections is the reason the gable roof is commonly used. The characteristics of this detail which needs a great deal of work or price and which are susceptible to destruction. It would be illustrated as an ‘asymmetrical gable roof’ if the pitch or the rafter lengths of the two roof sections are contrasting.

In many areas of the world, the versatility of the gable roof became its edge towards other roof design. Gable roofs are built with a steep pitch in order to prevent the entry of water in areas with strong winds and heavy rain, Gable roofs have a more shallow pitch because this supports snow better and reduces the risk of an uncontrolled avalanche if built in mountain and alpine areas.


  • To construct gable roof is inexpensive.
  • There are many different ways to achieve the gable roof design.
  • The basic design principle of roofing construction is used for a gable roof.
  • Gable roof is weather-resistant.


  • For illumination, only roof windows and gable windows may be used.
  • There is less living space if the tiny house has low-pitch gable roofs. Installation of dormers will partly be the solution.