A type of prefabricated siding that safeguards the home exterior is what a fiber cement board siding is. A mixture of materials consisting of sand and fibers made from cardboard is what fiber cement board is formed of. Before using fiber cement siding, know the advantages and disadvantages of this material.


For homeowners whose homes are located near beaches or saltwater, they will especially appreciate the fact that this type of siding stands up well. Fiber cement board is a very durable material and can tolerate harsh weather for a number of years. It can withstand a hurricane-level storm as the siding protects the home from wind and rain damage as well as hail.

Fiber cement board is not flammable. Fire is usually somewhere at the top of the list for the many concerns of homeowners. Made up of more than 90 percent of inflammable material for fiber cement. A huge fire ruins fire trucks almost 100 feet away from the flames, but the home build with fiber cement was entirely protected in one reported incident.Read more about Fiber cement Click Here

The most amazing feature of the material is the look of fiber cement siding. Fiber cement board can look like real, authentic wood planks or wood shingles. To secure the many benefits of fiber cement siding, a homeowner does not have to deduce the traditional look of a home. If a color of fiber cement does not suit the home design, the siding can be painted as the siding is also available in different colors.

It also offers complete protection from insects and rotting from fiberboard cement siding. Preventing mold or mildew from growing between the outside and interior wall because the siding has no seams that overlap. This quality minimizes allergen within the home thus, extra protection for homeowner’s family.  Fiber cement board has all the advantages of other sidings with few disadvantages.


It is costly when installing a fiber cement board siding. Because fiber cement requires more manpower to deliver and install, labor costs are expensive. It can be two to three times higher than aluminum or vinyl siding for installation cost alone. Engaging in fiber cement siding might not be ideal if a homeowner is planning to sell within the next five years.

Fiber cement siding has to be repainted contrasting to aluminum or vinyl siding. The siding does needs painting after some time although the paint job lasts longer than usual, mostly about fifteen years. However, when choosing this type of siding, the task of painting fiber cement should be assessed.